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Canned Food

Why Us?

The West Chatham Food Pantry serves many prominent needs in the Chatham County community. Read below to learn about some of the issues we seek to overcome and why our mission is worth supporting.

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity comes when economic and social conditions cause households to face limited or uncertain access to sufficient food, which can result in negative general, mental, and developmental health outcomes. Studies have shown that more than 1 in 10 households in the US encountered food insecurity in the year 2020. This issue affects various groups. In Chatham County, our community, 1 in 8 adults reported experiencing this crisis. We work to combat this insecurity each day and make a difference. 


A large number of Chatham County residents report poor nutrition, primarily from a lack of options. Food insecurity contributes to this nutrition issue, supporting negative general, mental, and developmental health outcomes. Our food pantry's volunteers use the donations we receive to give the best nutrition options possible to those facing these issues.


Unfortunately, there are several other issues in our community, in addition to food insecurity and nutrition concerns. Housing quality assessments have revealed that several people live in fair or poor standing with multiple identified housing issues, with Siler City homes being more prone to this that other areas. Although we cannot help with housing issues, we strive to give people the chance to face this by taking care of some food insufficiency and nutrition crises. 

Each of these factors, and more, impact the mission of our organization and the efforts of our volunteers.

So, why the West Chatham Food Pantry?

Because we work closely with our community to identify issues they are facing and meet their needs for the benefit of them, their families, and the strength of our community as a whole!

Become part of our team and help us make a difference today.

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