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Receive Aid

Are you are your family in need of supplementary food on your table?

We're here to help!

Find Out if You're Eligible

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Written referral from approved agency.

  • Food Stamp recipient

  • If an applicant does not meet one of the eligibility requirements, he/she may provide income and expense info for possible approval.

  • If an applicant lives outside Chatham County, he/she must have a referral from pastor of supporting church after the initial visit and must also meet eligibility requirements.

  • Emergency situations such as, but not limited to, fire and natural disasters, will be handled on an individual basis.

Potential Recipients must bring:

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of Residence

  • Proof of names and ages of all household members

  • Household income and expenses

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Food Donation

Visit our location during normal operating hours to talk with someone about receiving aid.

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